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Friday, November 26, 2010

August, 2010

In early August, Boots began to show more interest in potty training. She would go to our bathroom and pull out her little potty. She always had a book or two in hand. No pressure, though; we rarely talked about it, and she would do it all by herself ~ when she felt like it of course. ;)

Have I mentioned that we LOVE our neighborhood?! And for so many reasons....

Our third night in our house, there was a neighborhood party ~ a Luau ~ at the Clubhouse. What a way to began to really get to know our new neighbors! Well, that was in mid-June. By the time mid-August rolled around, it was time for another throw-down! This time, it was a Redneck Party, and everyone was in character. Everyone even had a "redneck name." We had a blast!
I've been threatened with my life if I post some of my pictures :) but these seem tame-enough.

Laura, Emily, Julie Anne, and Alison

Emily and Ryan Moody ~ barefoot and pregnant, with a baby!

Brad and me ~ aka "Cooter and Raylene" ~ complete with mullet, hickey, tatts, and all! One of Brad's tattoos reads "Raylene Forever" ~ awww.... How romantic. ;)

At the end of the month, some of our good friends from Augusta visited ~ Anna Kay & Patrick Duckworth, and their sweet little Ella Reyn. They were our first official non-family guests in our new home! The girls played, got candy at Riverstreet Candy, and we ate at the Pirate's House. The Duckworths feven got lucky with some beautiful lighting for their new home at a local lighting store.

Savannah Summer

The girls are here! Their first breakfast in their new house ~ poptarts and milk, sitting up at the bar. ;)

That very next week, Alli Lane went to a summer session/orientation for new students at Hancock. She loved it!

Her first day

Boots was excited, too!

Daddy's first day of work as a "real doctor" ~ the girls made him a sweet sign and hung it on the front door for him to see when he came home that day.

The girls had fun playing with other children in the neighborhood!

Peyton Lewis and AL, in their matching dresses!

Boots and Lauren Lewis (aka "LaLa")

Alli Lane went to Pottery Camp and also attended BC Cheer Camp. Several of the girls in the neighborhood went to the cheer camp, as well ~ and our neighbors, Katie and Mimi Whelan, are 2 of the BC Cheerleaders, which made it all even more exciting.

AL won the Spirit Ribbon on her first day! She won it for trying her best, doing a good job cheering, and having a sweet attitude with the other girls. We were super proud!

On the last day for parent watch day, AL wore her cheerleading outfit ~ and Boots dressed in her fairy princess accessories that the Greers sent her!

Alli Lane won the "All Star" award at the end of the week ~ each Cheerleader got to pick one camper to be an All Star, and AL won. As an All Star, she was invited to cheer at the BC Homecoming Pep Rally ~ a REAL pep rally ~ such a BIG deal!

Before school started, we took a family trip to Atlanta to visit everyone. We were lucky to get to see the girls' Buckler cousins, Philip and Parker (who live in Charlotte), while we were there, as well!

We enjoyed getting to know our new city, as well!

We ate at some new-to-us restaurants, walked up and down Riverstreet (the girls already are addicted to the candy at Riverstreet Sweets!), and took the girls to play on the playground at Forsyth Park.

We enjoyed playing around our new neighborhood, as well! Of course, having a pool 200 yards from our house, complete with a Clubhouse and playground, was perfect for summer! We spent hours down there ~ from several hours in the morning ending with a picnic lunch at the pool, to a quick evening swim after supper before bedtime, we truly had a lot of fun and took advantage of the amenities.

Alli Lane and Charlie Moody

Boots and Elliot Moody

What a summer!

It was packed with busy-ness and lots of fun! And we are thrilled to have many Savannah Summers and other Seasons ahead of us!

Alli Lane's First Day of Kindergarten ~ Hancock Day School

Alli Lane was excited for her Orientation at Hancock Day School and a chance to meet her new teacher, Mrs. Amy Morgan!

Alli Lane ~ 1st Day of Kindergarten at Hancock Day School

Also our first experience with a uniform, by the way. ;)

New backpack ~ complete with her monogram, of course.

Boots got a new backpack, too, and insisted on wearing (and taking) her backpack, as well.

Walking to school with several neighborhood children who also attend Hancock.

Almost all of the school-aged HRB kids attend Hancock, although they aren't all pictured here.

Reid & Evan Markowitz, Anna Bridges & Ellie Smith, Kyrin Fox, Alli Lane Buckler, and Charlie Moody

Walking down the hallway to her classroom. Sniff-sniff time for Mama.

Day 2

We love Hancock Day School! Alli Lane is having a blast! ;)

"Annual Beach Pics"

Every year, when we visit the beach, we take our "Annual Beach Pictures" of the girls. It is one of my favorite things to do. I love taking pictures, and my girls are my favorite subjects ~ and to take special pictures of them in my very favorite place is just the BEST to me! :) I take so many pictures (so VERY many!), just to get that one perfect shot. What normally ends up happening is that I get several that are beautiful ~ some posed, some candid. There were so many that I loved this year, they deserved their very own post. In fact, so many were good, that Wolf Camera wouldn't print them for me without a signed release from the Photographer, and I had to prove that I was the one who had taken the pictures ~ ha! As is tradition, we got up early one morning, before it got too hot and the beaches were too crowded, and we headed down to Carillon for pictures. The girls are always bribed to act nice ~ Thomas' Donuts are their reward. :) I am sure I drive them nuts for the 20-or-so minutes this takes us each year, but we sure do get some lovely pictures out of it, with some wonderful memories, as well.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Beach Trip ~ First Week of July

As always, we had a blast at the beach this year!

(And for those of you who have been fussing at me for updates, this one is a doozie, as usual!) :)

We always love our trip to PCB, but this year, it was an especially-needed break from our move. We moved June 15, and we were at the beach the first week of July, for the 4th.

We visited with the Wilsons and the rest of the crew at Baypoint the first weekend we were there.
Below, Banks, Emarie, Alli Lane, and Boots are ready for Steve to take them on a ride in the golf cart!

We love it when we are able to visit with loved ones! We spent the evening of the Fourth with my Randall relatives. We even watched the fireworks over the pier, even though it was raining ~ so, we all sat in our cars and watched.

Jeremy and Brad love their girls!
Below are Malley ("Moe"), Jeremy, Mimi, Maitland, Brad, and Alli Lane. Boots, on the other hand...

...fell asleep on the drive over, and never woke up! Bless her little heart.

Bathing Beauties

Argh! Frustration! I hate it when Blogger refuses to rotate a picture for me!

We always love to go to Groovin' on the Green at Carillon on Monday night and have a picnic!

We had a ton of fun on the beach, too ~ splashing in the waves, running to the waves, running from the waves.... building sandcastles, napping, picnicking under the tent.... Happy times, with our happy little girls!

We always eat at Boon Docks! 'Gotta get my fried pickles fix, afterall ~ not to mention the delicious seafood and the girls special surprises from Pickles! ;)

Boots' "ready" pose before running full-force into the water

Boots preferred to nap in my arms every day ~ and I wasn't about to complain!

Alli Lane just laid in her chair, closed her eyes, and she was OUT. By the end of the week, she was completely covering her entire body with a towel for her nap. There is NOTHING like a good nap on the beach!

Sweet Sisters

There were a couple of minor temper tantrums thrown in the mix ~ but, what can I say? She's TWO.

Our last picture on the beach for this year. Brad was taking stuff up, and the girls were waking up from sleeping HARD on the beach (no that is not a bruise on Boots' face ~ it's a mark from how she was sleeping, and she isn't even completely awake here). So sad to leave, and already counting down the days til we return next year!